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Meet Your Neighbor, Rudy!

Same smile, different set of wheels

By Executive Director Deanne Everton

meet your neighbor Rudy

Rudy might be the coolest neighbor on the block: He encompasses the beauty and vibrance of San Jose as a true native, being born and raised here. At 67 years old, he’s owned his East Side San Jose home for 40 years and has celebrated lowrider culture ever since he can remember. Rudy is still an avid car aficionado now that he’s a retired tow truck driver and tank mechanic. He’s always enjoyed tinkering on any vehicle he can get his hands on, especially lowriders of course.

His daughter fondly remembers the feeling of delight she had as a child hanging out on the driveway with her father and uncles. She remembers the joy between herself, her father, and uncles as she watched them fix all sorts of equipment and try out all their tools. Before her father’s Rebuilding Day project, Rudy’s daughter told RTSV that Rudy was an incredibly loving father and made sure that all his children knew they were his source of pride.



Rudy has lived here since 1984
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Rudy is the father of 4 adult children, 2 sons and 2 daughters. While three of them have since relocated to the Sacramento area, one of his daughters has remained local in San Jose to look after Rudy. Rudy has also always taken fashion very seriously, taking pride in referring to himself as a “fastidious dresser”. He is also passionate and very particular about the appearance of his home and its surroundings.

Unfortunately, he has experienced several medical issues over the past decade which have brought a gradual decline in his mobility. He now navigates his daily life in a wheelchair.

Despite his physical challenges, his daughter says that his number one defining personality characteristic is his goofy and irrepressible sense of humor which he exhibits with everyone he meets “to the point that it can be embarrassing” (she says with obvious affection). Throughout the numerous hospital stays he’s endured, he is always a darling of the hospital staff due to his good-natured joking and upbeat attitude. Many doctors and nurses have commented on how inspiring it is to work with him.

teal house iconHOW MUCH DID IT COST IN 1984?

Back in 1984, an average home in Rudy’s neighborhood cost $115,000. Adjusting for inflation, that’s $346,180.47 in 2024, but currently an average home in East San Jose costs $990,000. That’s what makes our work so critical. Without our repairs, where would Rudy afford to call home?

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Rudy’s home needed substantial critical repairs before our [Re]Builder volunteers put the finishing touches on his home’s transformation with debris clean-up and a fresh coat of paint. RTSV first focused on the overall condition of Rudy’s home by looking at the exterior, appliances, and safety concerns inside the home. Our staff sealed gutters and repaired stucco damage to exterior walls to divert runoff water from causing further damage, installed 2 grab bars in Rudy’s master shower to allow him to keep his independence in the bathroom, and addressed critical plumbing issues with repairs to plumbing leaks under his home as well as repairing the toilet. After RTSV staff hammered away on repairs that addressed critical safety concerns and would help Rudy age in place, his home was ready for our [Re]Builder volunteer crew!

During RTSV’s National Rebuilding Day last year in 2023, Rudy and his family welcomed RTSV and our [Re]Builder volunteers to his home. Volunteers diligently worked to remove 40 yards of debris around his home before rebuilding a brick planter and brightening his home with a beautiful, new coat of paint. Even San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan helped transform Rudy’s home, insisting that volunteers should not hesitate to instruct him however they needed help.

RTSV Steps In
Seeing our community come together for one of our wonderful neighbors in need like Rudy reminds me how much we can accomplish when we work on rebuilding together. Your support brings the magic of Rebuilding Day to families like Rudy’s that depend on our services to stay safe in their homes.

The impact we create helps families address worries of their loved ones aging in place by ensuring they have the proper tools and preventative measures to remain independent. Home is where the heart is, and the critical repairs we address in each home keep families safe so they can continue creating beautiful memories like the ones Rudy and his daughter have in their home. Our work changes lives, from the families we support with critical repairs, the neighborhood pride we restore when we transform homes with a shiny new coat of paint, and the future generations that can enjoy these vibrant and safer communities.

I invite you to join us in supporting our life-changing work because you make it all possible. And after all, isn’t that the meaning of Rebuilding Together?

April Is National Rebuilding Month!

Leading up to National Rebuilding Day on April 27th

By Program Manager Victoria Chang

April is National Rebuilding Month

April is National Rebuilding Month: Rebuilding Together affiliates across the country, including all of us at RTSV, host an annual month-long call to service during April, culminating with National Rebuilding Day on Saturday, April 27th. We put the focus on our clients and engage volunteers and partners with opportunities to serve the veterans, older adults, families with young children, and neighbors with disabilities who depend on our services to stay safe in their homes. Check out our website for events and volunteer opportunities to get involved during National Rebuilding Month!

This year, National Rebuilding Day is on Saturday April 27th. We’re expecting to transform 22 homes at project sites located throughout Santa Clara County from Milpitas to Gilroy!

Last year, we welcomed over 400 smiling volunteers who made a direct impact on the worsening Silicon Valley housing crisis. Will you be one of them this year? We’re counting on you to show up on National Rebuilding Day so that we can continue to provide lifechanging repairs at zero-cost to neighbors in need who are often faced with diminishing resources and must choose food and  medicine over critical home repairs.

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Each project site is unique with its own story and  challenges. One of the most inspiring parts of Rebuilding Day is seeing the commitment of our volunteers as they overcome repair challenges and celebrate their own accomplishments and the lives of the homeowners at their project sites.

Jessica is raising 2 generations of strong women at her home by having them help the volunteers on Rebuilding Day.

Val and Rachel share a moment of gratitude for the repairs being completed at Rachel’s home.

The Vietnamese National Association of Real Estate Professionals supported our life-changing work!

Executive Director Deanne Everton and San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan join forces at a project site on Rebuilding Day!

Lien is amazed at the transformation of her home on Rebuilding Day. RTSV replaced her front porch and stairs, removed dry rotted trim at the front of her home and installed new eaves, installed smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and repaired an opening in the skirting around her home on one side.

Marlys stands in front of her home, relieved at the security she feels after a sliding door replacement, window repairs, and new functional locks to help her stay safe at home.

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2023 Impact

Our impact extends beyond the individuals served to revitalize and stabilize vulnerable neighborhoods in our community. Take a look below at what we can accomplish with your support!

# of volunteers

Number of volunteers engaged by RTSV in our [Re]Builder Crew

866 volunteers

volunteer hours

Volunteer hours donated by RTSV volunteers

10,632 hours

critical safety

Number of critical safety and accessibility repairs delivered

2,242 repairs

# of volunteers

Homes transformed with life-changing repairs

285 homes

rehabilitation repairs

Rehabilitation repair projects at homes and community centers

289 homes + community centers

lives changed

Lives changed from 4 local nonprofit facilities repaired

12,690 lives

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Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley’s repairs go deeper. Wondering what repairs we work on specifically? Take a look!

RTSV 2024 Repair, Rebuild, Replace

2024 Upcoming Events

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April 27

Spring Rebuilding Day

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May 9

RTSV’s The Home Team Event

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September 19

Paint The Town Fundraiser

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A New Twist On Our Classic Event

By Development Director Alaina Purcell Schroeder

Painting the Town in Person

We’ve been lucky. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve depended on you to help us secure the resources needed to make critical, life-changing repairs for our most vulnerable neighbors in need. Time and time again, you’ve shown us that our community is strong, caring, and committed to the health and safety of all our neighbors. The same was true at Paint The Town, our annual fundraiser that was held in person for the first time in 4 years!

In the past, we invited you to join us at the Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley warehouse. Guests were able to experience firsthand the place where our life-changing repairs are launched. In 2023, we showcased our mission in a different way by welcoming RTSV supporters, friends, and family to the Gonzales/ Peralta Adobe – Fallon House Historic Site’s gardens, a venue that demonstrated the importance of our mission and the impact of the work we complete. The historic site shows that when our community comes together to preserve our neighborhoods, we protect and foster our city’s vibrant culture, rich history, and can sustain valuable assets for future generations.

Upon deeper reflection, the historic site also represents the existing structural issues RTSV plans to address going forward surrounding home preservation and the historical inequities of the accumulation of generational wealth. When the Gonzales/ Peralta Adobe – Fallon House Historic Site was originally built, home preservation was a luxury that only the upper economic classes had access to. At RTSV, we believe everyone deserves to live in a safe and healthy home and that access to a safe place to call home, including home preservation, should be equitable.

Our inspiring program wasted no time explaining the life-changing work we’ve been able to accomplish together over the past year. We analyzed the impact we collectively create with a perspective from our neighbors next door whom we serve and a brief message of thanks from our Executive Director, Deanne Everton. Between the delicious food and drink, photo booth, live DJ’s music, exciting raffle items, entertaining lawn games, popular wine pull, and heartwarming fund a need, we were most excited to see your smiles and catch up with you in person!

Old and new friends came together to support our life-changing work that our most vulnerable neighbors depend on to stay safe in their homes. The energy that filled the evening was nothing short of electric and inspiring. We couldn’t have had such a successful return to Paint The Town without you. Take a look at pictures from Paint The Town 2023 here.

We’re excited to host you at Paint The Town 2024 again this year on September 19. Mark your calendar and stay tuned for details! If you’d like to join us as an Underwriter, we’d love to hear from you at .

Creating Social Value

RTSV creates more social value when we preserve affordable housing

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“For every affordable housing unit that is built, two others are lost to abandonment, deterioration, or conversion to more expensive housing. It costs about 26 times more to build a new affordable home than to repair an existing one.


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Installing a $50 grab bar for neighbors like Jerri changes lives. It improves accessibility, restores Jerri’s independence in the bathroom, and prevents a potentially fatal fall that would have cost $40,000 on our already burdened and exhausted medical system, saving energy and resources for others in our community. When’s the last time you had that much power and impact with a $50 investment?

The average annual income of our clients is $32,454. These neighbors need our help. A $50 gift to RTSV could change not only one life, but it frees up medical resources that a preventable fall injury would have taken instead.

Take action now: click here to donate.


The Neighbors Who Depend on Us
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We’re Bringing TLC To Seven Trees

By RTSV Board Chair Ryan Monger

neighborhoods look different with community love

Picture a neighborhood that continually has love, resources, and support injected into it by its neighbors and community organizations. That’s what we’ve been working on in San Jose’s Seven Trees community through our newest program, Building A Healthy Neighborhood (BAHN). After listening carefully to the community and identifying their needs, it’s safe to say that we’re in phase 2: mobilizing our connections and resources to transform Seven Trees with community love.

Community love, or revitalization, is crucial for creating vibrant and thriving neighborhoods. Our work in Seven Trees does just that: we’ve been working diligently to improve the overall quality of life for residents by restoring and fostering a sense of belonging. The outcomes of bringing extra TLC to a neighborhood like Seven Trees not only have immediate effects, but long term outcomes start taking shape as soon as we hit the ground: the growth of economic development by attracting new businesses and community organizations, preservation of cultural heritage with neighbors who feel pride in their community, and safer, more inclusive, sustainable communities are created for future generations to enjoy. All this happens when we enhance the physical appearance of the neighborhood and pull community organizations in to help support positive growth.



Our efforts in Seven Trees is a perfect example of what happens when a neighborhood sees community love on a large, continuous scale. From our first neighborhood association meeting in Seven Trees two years ago where residents met us with hesitancy and apprehension, to just last December when residents recognized us, honked their car horns, and waved as they drove by our latest project site if they weren’t already getting their hands dirty beautifying the neighborhood with us.

The trust and familiarity we’ve built in Seven Trees is a direct result of the countless hours the Rebuilding Together team has put in listening to the community’s needs, working actively on planning and coordinating projects that addressed these needs, and followed through by building a presence in the neighborhood by participating in their monthly food drives and addressing safety concerns with video doorbell and motion light sensor installations.

Our continued efforts brought us recognition from the City of San Jose, and we created a unique opportunity to partner with Lowe’s as well as the City of San Jose’s Parks and Recreation Department, the office of Mayor Matt Mahan, and Councilmember Bien Doan’s office of District 7. Volunteers from these partners as well the Seven Trees community came together to beautify and secure an undeveloped plot of land at the back of the Seven Trees Community Center by removing trash, spreading mulch on the ground, placing boulders around the space, and planting 3 oak trees. Once volunteers had revitalized the space, they set out to help our neighbors in Seven Trees deepen their sense of security by installing video doorbells and solar sensor lights at residents’ homes. Take a look at pictures from the project here. 

FY 23 Annual Report



Contributions / Grants$332,931
In-Kind Donations$41,454
Paint The Town Event$166,969