Meet Lam and Chay Phillip, Flood Survivors.

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The first blog post in this mini-series outlined how mobile homes and parks are structured to understand why the residents of Golden Wheel Mobile Home Park were affected by the flooding of Coyote Creek in 2017. The second blog post explored the importance of building trust with residents through Vietnamese-English interpreters. If you haven’t had a chance to read either blog post, you can find them here.

At this point, RTSV had been out to Golden Wheel Mobile Home Park to assess the damage, brought Bank of America and Google together to sponsor the repairs, and worked to build trust with the residents by communicating through interpreters. During Fall Rebuilding Day 2017, RTSV partnered with volunteers from Bank of America to work on the home of Lam Tran, a part time teacher who also helped care for her disabled husband with dementia, Chay Phillip Ngu Truong.

The muddy water ruined their stairs—their only way into and out of their home—as well as the duct work underneath, the skirting, and her gardens. “It was so scary,” Tran said. “I just worried. I was worried for the flood, and the worry didn’t go away. Relief came in April with the help of Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley and Bank of America, who partnered together to repair Tran’s home.

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In addition to sending volunteers out on Fall Rebuilding Day 2017, Bank of America also awarded $15,000 to RTSV for repair work for other flood survivors. “As a lifetime resident of San Jose, this hit close to home,” said Linda Lentz from Bank of America.

“I wanted to help the local community, to help residents get back into their homes.” Repairs will allow Lam and her husband to stay in their home safely. “Thank you American people who came to support me and helped fix the house,” Tran said.

More on Lam and Chay Phillip’s story can be seen here, covered by ABC 7 [].

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