Congrats on another successful Rebuilding Day!

By Alaina Purcell Schroeder, Development Director

Fall Rebuilding Day 2022 Image 1

Pictured above: Lupe, one of our Rebuilding Day recipients welcomes us to her newly transformed home. Thank you for the warm welcome, Lupe!

Did you catch us in the news? Thanks to your help and support, we had another successful Rebuilding Day! We hosted over 400 volunteers at 19 different project sites across Santa Clara County with one goal in mind: Rebuilding Together! 

The power of our collective hard work is clear: when we pull together hundreds of volunteers and dozens of sponsors to repair and rehabilitate nonprofit facilities and the homes of low-income homeowners, our community becomes brighter through the preservation of affordable housing. As houses are transformed, neighborhoods and communities find hope and pride restored. 

Fall Rebuilding Day 2022 Image 2

During Rebuilding Day, I had the privilege of meeting Lupe, a 96-year-old powerhouse who has been filling her East San Jose home with love for over 40 years. She moved from Texas in 1943 for better work opportunities in California, starting at a cannery and then working in the fields where she met her husband.

Fall Rebuilding Day 2022 Image 3

She remembers her husband fondly who served in WW2 and constantly sent letters to her until he returned. Together they had 3 children. He passed away 16 years ago and despite having congestive heart failure, Lupe is not only able to do everything around the house by herself, she insists on doing so even with the occasional help of her children.  

To Lupe and her family’s surprise, Channel 5 featured them in this short and heartwarming news clip that aired on Rebuilding Day. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here. It’ll be sure to put a smile on your face!  

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