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“My whole world is going to crash down if I don’t get this fixed!” is how Robert, a client of Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley, described feeling the day he called to follow up on his application for free critical home repairs.

Robert, like so many of us who live in Silicon Valley, calls this place home. He has lived in San Jose for over 30 years and could never envision having to leave. Unfortunately, after his field of vision decreased to just 15%, Robert was diagnosed with Glaucoma and then deemed legally blind. This diagnosis forced Robert to go on social security and disability benefits. Robert is only bringing in $1,100 a month in an area where the average monthly salary is $7,500 and the average monthly housing costs alone are $2,400.  Slowly, Robert’s dream of calling Silicon Valley his home for the remainder of his life seemed to drift further away.

Robert was feeling overwhelmed. He lives in a mobile home that requires regular upkeep and maintenance to avoid eviction. He had a leaky roof. There was water dripping down from the ceiling severely damaging the floor. The integrity of his home and his own safety were at risk. But Robert couldn’t fathom how he could afford the necessary work nor how he could physically make the repairs himself.

Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley had done outreach to the mobile home park where Robert lives and thank goodness Robert decided to apply. Rebuilding Together repaired and resealed his roof. We installed a brand-new floor. And most importantly Rebuilding Together showed Robert there was support for people like him, neighbors in need, here in Silicon Valley.

“They did this super high-quality work! What a great group of human beings!”

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Rebuilding Together has been filling in this important gap in Silicon Valley of providing repairs at no-charge, for low-income neighbors in need and fellow nonprofits for over 30 years. Beyond the 4,500 families served, 50,000 safety and critical repairs completed, and the impressive 400,000 hours of volunteerism invested in our community, Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley helps our neighbors in need stay safe in their homes. We improve quality of life for the people we support and allow people to live freely and independently at home.

But we can’t continue to fill this much needed gap in our community without your support. This giving season Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley is on a mission to raise much needed funds to fill this gap for years to come, and we invite you to join us.

“Rebuilding gave me some hope…it restored my confidence to know that out there in Silicon Valley there’s an organization that’s willing to step up and help people like me who need some help!”

Will you create hope for more folks like Robert and support Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley’s critical, life-changing work this giving season?

If so, please visit www.rtsv.org/donate or utilize the enclosed remit envelop for your gift today. If you’d like to learn more about our work, please also visit www.rtsv.org today.

Thank you for your generosity and neighbor-spirit today and every day!

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