US Army Veteran Vincent overcame many challenges but found himself in need of help.

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(Pictured above: Vincent stands outside his home with a wheelchair ramp leading up to the front door. He is able to safely exit and enter his home.)

“I am proud that I served our country and that now that service comes back to me and my family,” Vincent shared thoughtfully as he reflected on the significance of the home repairs Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley completed for him and his wife Carolyn in their San Jose home.

Vincent and Carolyn are the epitome of the American dream. After gallantly serving in the United States Army, Vincent returned home to the Bay Area. He found a career he was passionate about as an automobile technician at Anderson Honda in Palo Alto. Vincent fell in love, married his sweetheart, and together they bought their dream home in San Jose, California.

Time passed as Vincent and Carolyn spent their days working hard, raising two daughters, being active members at the Indian Center in San Jose, spending weekends fixing up old Chevys and Hondas in their garage, and making meaningful memories in their home and in their neighborhood.

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(Pictured above: Vincent and RTSV Board Member Terry stand together at Vincent’s home on Rebuilding Day. Vincent and Terry are both veterans.)

Just as the girls were old enough to venture out into the world, the economic crisis of 2008 hit. Like so many families that were finding it difficult to make ends meet during that time, Vincent and Carolyn found themselves struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments. A year into the economic downturn, Vincent was diagnosed with colon cancer, and not long into his battle with colon cancer, he was diagnosed with liver cancer as well.

Being the passionate fighter he had always been, Vincent fought hard for 5 years to beat both cancers and return to his automobile technician position at Anderson Honda that they made sure was waiting for him. Unfortunately, a couple of years into his triumphant return, Vincent experienced a debilitating stroke and was forced to retire. Carolyn, now being Vincent’s sole caretaker, was also no longer able to work.

Navigating life in their forever home with new mobility challenges and mounting medical costs proved extremely difficult. Vincent and Carolyn had done all the right things, they had served their country, they had worked hard, they had raised a family and given back to their community. They fought back to overcome so many hurdles. But still, they found themselves in need.

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(Pictured above: Volunteers from Applied Materials bring high energy at Vincent’s home on Rebuilding Day)

This is where we are proud to say that Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley was able to step in and give back. We were able to widen doorways within their home to accommodate Vincent’s wheelchair. We were able to convert their bathroom tub into a shower that could also accommodate his new mobility needs. We provided a fresh coat of paint and landscape clean up; and most importantly, we were able to install a wheelchair ramp outside of their home to allow him the ability and dignity of entering and exiting safely.

Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley improves quality of life for the people we support, people like Vincent and Carolyn, who deserve to live in a safe and healthy home. By ensuring that Carolyn and Vincent can continue to live safely in their home, we are also contributing to the preservation of the culture and diversity of their neighborhood. We are maintaining affordable housing, and our work makes it possible for Vincent and Carolyn to pass their home onto their daughters.

This giving season, with the help of Vincent, Carolyn, and so many other deserving clients, Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley is on a mission to raise much needed funds to provide these life-changing repairs, and so much more. We invite you to join us.

Will you create hope for more families like Carolyn and Vincent and support Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley’s critical work this giving season?

At Rebuilding Together – Silicon Valley, we believe that everyone deserves to live in a safe and healthy home, so we help provide critical home repairs to over 500 clients per year, including to those who are aging in place. We rely on generous donations—like those on Giving Tuesday—to continue our essential work and the positive impact we have in these communities.

You can help us make a difference in these communities by donating to our cause today or you can learn more information about what your donations help us accomplish by watching Ed Garcia’s story!

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