We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our programs

DEI Statement 1

RTSV Values

Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley’s mission is repairing homes, revitalizing communities, and rebuilding lives furthered by our vision, safe homes and communities for everyone. At RTSV, everyone means just that: anyone regardless of ethnicity, religious background, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

DEI Statement 2

We use our core values to drive our mission and vision even further: compassion, empowerment, community, collaboration, impact, and sustainability. Our mission, vision, and values provide us with a direction and goal to our work, but prioritizing DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) helps us understand how to create processes that truly include each of the stakeholders RTSV works with from clients, volunteers, staff, and corporate partners.

Why DEI Matters

DEI Statement 3

Our values go hand in hand with why DEI matters: by embracing all members of our community, we can make space for everyone, especially underrepresented groups, to flourish in creating a stronger community.

This starts with recognizing systemic and racial injustices exist, and that we must do more. Not only that, but we must be held accountable to do so and commit to change as an organizational force in our community.

Housing is a human right and as a nonprofit that directly addresses the discrepancy of homeownership and its affordability in the Silicon Valley, it is our responsibility to be aware of historic discrimination in California housing policies and use it to move our work forward.

RTSV’s Commitment to DEI

DEI Statement 4

Recognizing that injustices exist is not enough. In our continued effort to move forward with DEI, we have established our DEI Task Force.

Our DEI Task Force consists of staff and board members with the goal of creating a safe space to explore our own implicit biases while at the same time evaluating the work and structure of RTSV and how we can overcome systemic barriers and best serve the community.

The DEI Task Force has already held several trainings for RTSV Staff to help understand the importance of DEI and expose underlying biases they may have. These trainings range from the DEI Task Force leading RTSV Staff through workshops and activities, guest speakers sharing their perspectives on how DEI can be included in RTSV’s programs, and presenting educational resources for RTSV Staff to reference as they need.

RTSV’s Plan for DEI

DEI Statement 5

As we move forward and RTSV’s programs and structures evolve to reflect the work of the DEI Task Force, our mission and vision remain the same, but the way we plan to achieve our goals is what changes. 

Our first step is to include more voices on our DEI Task Force to better represent the community we serve. We are creating space on our DEI Task Force for any individuals who would like to serve as a perspective on how to change our structure to become more inclusive towards clients, help train RTSV staff on topics related to DEI, or just want to be involved with RTSV’s DEI Task Force. 

If you are interested in serving on RTSV’s DEI Task Force, please apply by clicking the button below or contacting our Executive Director, Deanne Everton, with any questions at

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